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learn u book cover.jpg
Learn U: A Short Devotional for Getting to Know Yourself

For about a decade, I served as a faculty member and administrator at a major Christian university in Virginia.  During those years, I came into contact with some pretty extraordinary teachers and students.  These countless souls ended up being used by God to teach me much more about myself than I ever taught anyone as an English composition and Earth science professor.  In fact, as I look back on those years, I fondly recall three specific life lessons I learned.  I want to pass these lessons on to you in the form of this three-day introspection, Learn U: A Short Devotional for Getting to Know Yourself.  I hope you enjoy this devotional, and, more importantly, I hope it spurs lasting and positive change in your life.

Two-Week Turnaround cover.jpg
Two-Week Turnaround: A 15-Day Devotional for Perspective

So many times in life, we find ourselves at a crossroads--a place where we want change, but we don’t know how to make it happen.  Maybe you’re going through a difficult time in your life right now; maybe you’re experiencing relationship, career, or financial problems.  Or maybe you’re just feeling the tug to do something different with your life.  Whatever the crossroads, I want you to take this 15-day devotional challenge.  I’m not proposing that this short devotional exercise will change your life, but I bet it will change your perspective.  And sometimes all we need to catalyze life change is a perspective check.

LLOP Book Cover 2.jpg
Living Life on Purpose: A Practical Guide

Who doesn’t want to live a life of purpose?  In fact, ask the average person what he/she wants out of life, and you will most likely hear something like, “I want to live with purpose!  I want my life to have direction and focus, and I want to make a difference in the lives of others.”  People want to know where they are going; they want definitive goals and objectives.  But developing these goals and objectives is much harder than it seems, especially if you don’t possess a success mindset. In this short book, then, we will define purpose, examine the common obstacles to a purpose-filled life, talk about the essential elements of a success mindset, and give you some tools to start on your journey toward finding purpose.

Antidote: A Blog-Length Guide for Overcoming Toxic Leadership


earth science lab manual.jpg
Elements of Earth Science Laboratory Manual

The lab manual features a unique approach to earth-science education. Whereas most academic earth-science publications demonstrate old-earth and evolutionary commitments, Elements of Earth Science Laboratory Manual and Kit promotes a decidedly young-earth creationist worldview, while at the same time adhering to the principles and practices of “good science.” This is truly a laboratory and kit like no other! Featuring beautiful color images throughout, Elements of Earth Science Laboratory Manual and Kit is comprised of 16 chapters that include student friendly pedagogical features such as purpose statements, learning objectives, material lists, laboratory overviews, definitions, quiz questions in various formats (multiple choice, true/false), and Scripture-focused vignettes.

cats cant use glue.jpg
Cats Can't Use Glue

Have you ever seen a cat use glue? The idea is quite ludicrous. But what if cats could use glue? What would happen? This book takes the reader into a world only the imagination could create-a place where our furry friends do the unimaginable and the unexpected. If cats had the ability to use glue, this book explores the outlandish results, and it does so in a humorous, lighthearted, and poetic way. With attractive tempo, rhyme, and imagery, it is sure to bring your children many hours of enjoyment.

strategies book cover.jpg
Strategies: A Research-Based Approach for Academic Success, Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

Strategies: A Research-Based Approach for Academic Success, Personal Development and Spiritual Growth  is designed to help you make a smooth transition to college as well as equip you with strategies for success that you can use throughout college and beyond. Its aim is to promote the academic excellence and personal development of all students. Whatever your previous educational record may have been, college is a new ballgame played on a different field with different rules and expectations. So rather than trying to figure out how to do college on your own through random trial-and- error, this book gives you a game plan for getting it right from the start. Its plan is built on a solid foundation of research that equips you with a comprehensive set of well-documented strategies for success.

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