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Tweets to Ravi Zacharias, Jerry Falwell, John MacArthur, James MacDonald, Donald Trump, and Jesus

Social media has taken over our culture. You cannot count yourself among the hip, cool, or avant-garde unless you have a regular presence on social-media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Indeed, these outlets have become so influential in America and around the world that politicians use them to win elections, celebrities employ them to support their charities, and business owners obsess over them in order to generate leads and sales. Ignore social media, and you will no doubt find yourself on the margins of cultural relevance.

Admittedly, I resisted Twitter for a long time. In the last year, though, I have come to love it! The main reason for this is that it requires so little of me. I'm only allowed 140 characters to say what it is I have to say, so I don't feel obligated to produce a dissertation every time I want to communicate a thought or opinion. And this is quite attractive to me, considering my busy schedule. So, today, when I decided there were some things I wanted to say to Ravi Zacharias, Jerry Falwell, Jr., John MacArthur, James MacDonald, Donald Trump, and Jesus, I decided to do so in the form of Tweets. This way I can say what I have to say, and then get on with my day. So, here it goes...

Ravi Zacharias: "I'm not sure what happened in your sexting scandal, but I hope none of it is true. You've made such a positive impact on modern Christianity; I'd hate to see your legacy and the name of Christ blemished by the lust of the flesh. But if it is true, seek forgiveness! #sayitaintso"

Jerry Falwell, Jr.: "You are the president of one of the most influential Christian organizations in the world. Do you realize the responsibility this carries with it? I hope you do because I can guarantee you God does. Lead well; lead fearfully. #Luke12:48"

John MacArthur: "I was once one of your most devoted fans; now I see you in your true light. Though I appreciate your biblical scholarship, I cannot support your hateful arrogance and your bony finger of judgment. Speak the truth, but do it with more love. #speakthetruthinlove"

James MacDonald: "The love of money is the root of all evil, arrogance, and deceit. I know you say you've repented of your former transgressions at Harvest Bible Chapel, but many are skeptical. Is your repentance from a contrite heart or is it merely to save face? Be real! #cantfoolGod"

Donald Trump: "Regarding Presidential Election 2020, campaign with humility and meekness, honor and truth. If you are indeed a Christ follower, then demonstrate His fruit. Give full attention to grace, mercy, and love. God honors those who honor him. #makeGodcentralagain"

Jesus: "Please raise up godly leaders. Unseat the godless. Motivate repentance. Offer forgiveness. Generate love. Spawn compassion. Convict the arrogant. Make straight the paths of the humble. #jesusisthewaytruthlife"

May the Lord bless us all richly! We need him now more than ever. Join me in prayer for our country and our church.

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