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The Noodle Conspiracy

I like to take chances--professionally and otherwise. I enjoy experimenting with things to see what works and, of course, what doesn't work. And although I don't like to fail, I am willing to fail in order to find an eventual pathway to success. I've often claimed that I am comfortable throwing the proverbial noodle against the wall to see if it sticks.

However, many are not comfortable or accepting of such risk-taking. I've been called foolish by those who see my lifestyle as somewhat reckless. They ask, "Why not take more time to figure out a near-perfected plan before launching forth?" or "Why not reasonably ensure success prior to beginning an endeavor?" My response...if I waited for such a plan to materialize or vainly attempted to ensure my success, I'd never start anything! Nor would most people. In fact, most who've rebuked me in the past are...well...unsuccessful and cowardly people. They've never taken chances in life and, thus, they've achieved very little or far less than they could have.

Leadership and personal-growth expert John C. Maxwell has said, "A person who refuses to risk . . . fails to grow." In other words, growth only comes after you "put yourself out there," risk failure, and live on the edge a little. I'm not proposing that you throw all caution to the wind, live a cavalier lifestyle, or make uninformed decisions. Such would be foolishness in its purest form. However, I am suggesting that you do a little "noodling." That is, grab the next noodle of opportunity you're given, chuck it against the nearest wall, and see if it sticks. Sure, doing so might be conspiratorial in the eyes of some family members, friends, and/or colleagues, but it could also be the first step toward success and ultimate fulfillment of your life's purpose. And who may have a little fun playing out the conspiracy!

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