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Like Son, Like Father

One thing I've learned since having children is that they (the kiddos) often teach us (the parents) more than we teach them. More times than I can count, my children have challenged me to think more critically, called me out when I'm being hypocritical, made me laugh when I'm feeling down, and given me pause when I'm being mean. My oldest seems exceedingly adept at the role of "little sensei." At only 12 years old, he regularly amazes me with his maturity, wisdom, advanced spirituality, and general "know how." Sure, he's learned a lot from me. I've taught him a little woodworking, how to throw a baseball, what it means to use an inside voice, and that coat hangers are not found on the floor. And I hope that I've taught him some more significant things like hard work, good decision-making, service to God and others, and finding joy in even the mundane, everyday things of life. On these latter points, though, I cannot be sure right now. Only his coming of age will reveal how well I've accomplished my mentor role. But I can assure you that he's been an unofficial, though quite effective, life coach for me. Indeed, he's given me numerous occasions to opine, "Like son, like father."

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