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I'm tired of being around people who selfishly take from me and never give anything back. I'm tired of taking from others and rarely giving back. I'm tired of living even a semi-self-absorbed life. I'm tired of living better than 95% of the rest of humanity and not being conscious of it most of the time. I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself, even if only for a moment. I'm tired of putting myself down. I'm tired of over-inflating my own ego. I'm tired of the "dark night of the soul." I'm tired of mania. I'm tired of the American dream. I'm tired of nightmares. I'm tired of you. I'm tired of me.

But I'm not tired of the joy and satisfaction that come when I give myself and my resources to others. I felt these feelings a lot as a child; I've felt them less often as an adult...simply because I've given less. Maybe it's time to give more. It's time to give more. Let's give more. Give...more!

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