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A Day to Pray

I've written and rewritten roughly three blog articles over the past couple of days. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to click; nothing seemed right; nothing seemed publish-worthy. Sure, there's plenty of cultural fodder for my blog! But none of it seemed palatable. Indeed, much of it simply turned my stomach and made me want to forgo my weekly commentary altogether.

Then, when I awoke this morning to all the talk of impeachment and realized the straw had finally broken the camel's back, it occurred to me that there is one message appropriate for a week such as this: the message of penitence. Folks, in the milieu of current political, institutional, ecclesiastical, and social controversies and corruptions, the only course of action that makes any sense is supplication before our holy and righteous God. If you're like me, then you feel somewhat powerless and insignificant...unable to make a difference in the face of those gnarled giants who exert dubious influence in the seminal institutions of American society and the church. If you're like me, then there are nights when your soul labors to make restitution for that which you cannot control. Yet, I am comforted that God gives me a means of addressing my frustrations and relinquishing my futile desire for omni-jurisdiction. He gives me prayer. And a day to pray.

Won't you join me?

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