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101 Things I've Done

I was reading a friend's Facebook post the other day, and she was listing the 101 things she wants to do before she dies. It got me to thinking about what my list would be were I to take on a similar endeavor. And then it occurred to me...God has blessed me with the opportunity to do so many things already. In a mere 46 years, He's given me the chance to experience so much of His wonderful creation and the richness of life. So, I want to adapt by friend's enterprise and, instead, list the 101 things I've already had the honor to do because of the awesome God I serve (no particular order here).

God has blessed me by allowing me to...

  1. Parachute from an airplane

  2. Fly a plane as the pilot in command

  3. Ride in a hot air balloon

  4. Ride in a helicopter flying NAP of the earth (i.e., as Near As Possible to the earth)

  5. Travel to a foreign country (not with the military)

  6. Operate in a combat environment (with the military)

  7. Attend seminary

  8. Attend law school

  9. Serve as a police officer

  10. Rappel from a helicopter

  11. Go spelunking (i.e., caving)

  12. Ride on a train

  13. Drive a motorcycle

  14. Receive an amateur radio operator license

  15. Receive a commission in the U.S. Army

  16. Marry a wonderful woman

  17. Have five awesome children

  18. Play for an amateur baseball team (very short-lived)

  19. Attend MLB Spring Training in Florida (as a spectator)

  20. Build a building

  21. Build a guitar

  22. Go snow skiing

  23. Get certified in scuba diving

  24. Get a concealed weapons permit

  25. Travel coast to coast across the U.S.

  26. Attend a professional baseball game (many, many times)

  27. Attend a professional football game (once)

  28. Go to a rock-n-roll concert

  29. Read the Bible

  30. Start an internet radio station

  31. Host a podcast

  32. Write a blog

  33. Write a book

  34. Write a journal article

  35. Receive a large sum of money (once...and it's all gone)

  36. Meet the U.S. Secretary of Defense

  37. Meet a MLB player

  38. Crash a plane (I was the co-pilot...not my fault)

  39. Crash a car (my fault)

  40. Hike a mountain trail

  41. Work for the U.S. Forest Service

  42. Be blessed with great parents

  43. Be blessed with great grandparents

  44. Go waterskiing

  45. Stay in an expensive hotel

  46. Go to a big city

  47. Go to a desert

  48. Read the Constitution of the United States

  49. Teach a college class

  50. Serve as a college dean

  51. Serve as an Army chaplain

  52. Serve as an infantry officer in the Army

  53. Be the valedictorian of my high school class

  54. Graduate as a Distinguished Honor Graduate from a military school

  55. Graduate with honors from college

  56. Ask Christ to be my Lord and Savior

  57. Pastor a church

  58. Play drums in a live concert

  59. Sing a song in front of a crowd

  60. Own a company (...small)

  61. Run a non-profit (...even smaller)

  62. Edit a book

  63. See a live musical

  64. Get quoted in a major newspaper

  65. Produce a video

  66. Buy a gun

  67. Read a piece of classic literature

  68. Officiate a funeral (sad times)

  69. Officiate a wedding (happy times)

  70. Sit with a person while he/she dies

  71. Give a speech

  72. Eat dinner with someone prominent

  73. Juggle

  74. Break a bone

  75. Go whitewater rafting (see #74 above)

  76. Go cross-country kayaking

  77. Shoot an animal (while hunting)

  78. Gut a fish

  79. See a bear in the wild

  80. Go on a long run

  81. Scuba dive in the Caribbean

  82. See a barracuda in the wild

  83. Counsel a couple having relationship issues

  84. Give away a large sum of money

  85. Say, "I'm sorry" to someone

  86. Stand up to a bully

  87. Lead a devotional or Bible study

  88. Make a new friend

  89. Lose an old friend

  90. Visit an old friend

  91. Saw down a tree

  92. Have an operation

  93. Help perform an operation (on an animal)

  94. Deliver a eulogy

  95. Conduct an interview

  96. Go camping

  97. Bail hay

  98. Ride a horse

  99. Pilot a glider

  100. Be knocked unconscious

  101. Make a list of 101 things...

What is your list? How has God blessed you? I challenge you to make a list right now...and then thank God for it!

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