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Who is Pete Best?

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

This photo of an older gentleman is not all that intriguing, and it is in no way extraordinary. In fact, this man looks a lot like my maternal grandfather, though I'm sure my grandfather never sat behind an acoustic drum set. So, why in the world would I post his photo? Well, because this is Pete Best, my friends! Yes, Pete Best!!!!! THE Pete Best!!!!! What? Who is Pete Best, you say?

How many times have you run into someone in your life, and he/she looks like every other mug you've passed that day--nothing extraordinary or impressive? Maybe you gave him/her a quick smile, said a terse hello, or, if you were feeling especially generous, offered a nod and a wave. Other than that, however, you didn't give the person a second thought. Then, how many times have you learned later that this person was someone of significance or that he/she had done something pretty extraordinary or philanthropic? I remember the occasion when I met my son's Little League baseball coach for the first time. I walked up and said hello, didn't think much about him, and walked away. One of the other fathers came up to me and said, "Do you know who that is?" I responded that I did not, to which he said, "That's Brandon Inge, the former third baseman for the Detroit Tigers." Sure enough, it was!

Now, I'm not one who is impressed with celebrity or professional athletes, but the experience taught me something very valuable: we never know who we are meeting when we meet someone new. People have stories, and most people have pretty cool stories. As we get to know people, and as we reach out to them and endeavor to experience them on more than superficial levels, we find that all people are extraordinarily awesome in their own ways. I've met grandmothers whom I found out served in the military during WWII. I've met teenagers whom I found out were philanthropists. I've met middle-aged men whom I found out served as missionaries. One time I met an older, dumpy looking gentleman whom I later learned was a Special Forces hero in Vietnam. Who would have known? Exactly! I wouldn't have known had I never gotten to know him better.

So, if you met Pete Best at a restaurant today, would you just say hello? Would you just throw your hand up and nod? Or would you simply ignore him? My suggestion: sit down with him for minute; get to know him. It would be pretty cool to meet The Beatles first drummer!!!

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