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One Regular Joe . . .

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

I have no business writing a blog, especially one that claims to wrestle with the questions of "life." What does that mean anyway? Life. Physical life? Spiritual life? Professional life? Family life? The meaning of life? Origin of life? I mean, "life" is quite a heady topic!

Truthfully, I don't know how to answer such questions. I've embarked upon this blog because I desire a venue in which to talk about the many nagging questions I have, conundrums I will no doubt encounter, foibles I will certainly uncover in myself, and all the illogicalities that abound in our world. You might say that this is a blog about nothing in particular. It's merely a collection of musings by one regular joe . . . someone with no credentials to be writing it, no business interests to support it, and no specific audience to read it.

Nevertheless, I believe it to be a perfect venue for regular people to discuss things of mutual interest. It is a place where you and I can ask questions, ponder life's realities, make connections, and encourage one another. I purpose to make it a place of non-attribution--where discussions can be had without judgment, without fear, and without consequence. In other words, this is a safe space...for

Will you join me?

Mark T.

Blog Host

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