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Just Say "Snow"

I am in New Jersey this week, and today the state is being hit with a Nor'easter that's dumping quite a bit of snow. As I write this blog, there are two or three inches of snow on the ground. Because the roads are in very bad shape, I'm hold up in my hotel room waiting for a break in the weather. It may come tomorrow, but there are no guarantees. As we all know, the weather is something we simply cannot control. It does what it wants to do, and all we can do is ride it out.

Unfortunately, many people view life like they do the weather. They say, "Well, life takes us where it wants us to go, and there is nothing we can do about it." These people are nihilistic or fatalistic and often feel out of control and hopeless. However, I submit that life is not at all like the weather. Although it is true that unforeseen and uncontrollable things happen to us from time to time, we are in full control of how we react to them. And we are in full control of the decisions we make before, during, and after a period of uncertainty. In very few instances are someone's decision-making abilities taken from them. Life certainly has a way to throwing us curveballs, but curveballs can be hit. We just have to keep our eye on the ball, concentrate, and make a good decision when to swing.

The next time you are feeling like fate has taken over in your life and there is nothing you can do, remember the wisdom of Nancy Reagan (former First Lady of the U.S.): "Just say, 'No!'." Don't fall for the lie. Your life is not like snow or bad weather; you don't have to settle for what you get. Take some control back, seek out wisdom, make good decisions, and be determined to turn things around. Will there be setbacks? Sure! But you'll be moving forward, and that is sure better than being stuck in the snow.

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