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Fly the Instruments

When I was going through instrument flight training for my commercial pilots license (many years ago now), I remember the instructor telling me over and over again, "Trust your instruments." It is tempting for an instrument student to "cheat" and look out of the cockpit window during training or to get rather apprehensive when actual instrument conditions (i.e., bad weather conditions) are encountered. But if the student will not worry about what's going on outside of the aircraft, concentrate on the instrument panel, and do what the instruments tell him/her to do, then everything will be fine and the airplane can be safely guided to its destination. That is to say, the instruments accurately tell the pilot what the aircraft's attitude and positioning are. If the student pilot will simply fly the instruments, then there is nothing to fear.

In Romans 6:13, Paul writes, "No longer present your members to sin as instruments of wickedness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and present your members to God as instruments of righteousness." As student pilots in faith (i.e., disciples), we are presented with instruments as well, but these instruments are not external to ourselves. In fact, the instruments are us! And we have a choice. We can either be used as instruments of good or instruments of evil. We can choose to do the right things and follow the right Lord, or we can choose the errant paths of life and follow the various lords of our culture.

Unfortunately, like the typical student airplane pilot, we often ignore our instruments and, thus, become implements of wickedness, complacency, or unholiness. But if we will fly the instruments the way God intends--if we will focus on Him and his will for our lives--then we will safely guide ourselves and others along right paths, and we will do great things for the Kingdom. Sure, there will be storms and bad weather along the way, and we may even sometimes stray from our intended course, but if we continually seek to fly the instruments correctly, we have nothing to fear and only blessings to gain!

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