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I4T Studios​

I4T Studios is your one-stop shop for recording and studio needs.  Currently, I4T Studios hosts a weekly live video talk show called Clean Slate, an audio podcast called The Message, and a live radio broadcast called THINKMarriage.  Our facility is available for video production, podcast recording, radio broadcasting, voice-over work, and a host of other services.  For video recording, we have four sets/backdrops.  These are perfect for one-, two-, or three-talent work.  

Voice-over production is one of our premiere services.  If your business or organization needs to record a podcast, radio or marketing spot, video narration, or other voice over, I4T Studios can help.  We have male, female, adult, and youth voices available.

If you'd like more information about I4T Studios, contact us at or 434-333-5566.


Two-person talk show set


One-person teaching set


"In the Garden" Set

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